GRS is a company focused on research, analysis, and strategy.
The firm supports organisations to develop their business, improve customer retention, and increase revenues and profits.

Activities performed by GRS include customer experience optimization,
business intelligence, market analysis, competitors benchmarking, and client immersion.

GRS is partner of Explori®
and, along with it, holds the biggest data-set of event performance in the world, with data from over 1,300 shows.


In the current complex and changing environment, companies need to benefit from data, information, reliable and updated scenarios to make headway, in order to reach their goals, make assessments and evaluations, build fruitful relationship with customers and interlocutors.


Our job consists of collecting and analyzing data coming from customers as well as providing the Company with data, information, tools and useful advice to develop its business and increase its competitive advantage.


Years of experience in delivering bespoke projects led us to collaborate with several industries, with many considerable activities such as: Customer Experience Optimization and Business Intelligence, Customer Screening & Profiling analysis, Client Immersion, Data visualization, Neuromarketing.


We believe that rigorous scientific analysis should be combined with day-to-day operations management involving choices, decisions and activities with the aim of obtaining practical and operational inputs.


We are is a team of professionals from different backgrounds long operating in the field of study, research, qualitative and quantitative analysis for management strategic decisions.


Companies are currently realizing that financial means and cost reduction alone cannot contribute to keeping a company healthy. It is instead necessary to defend market share and customer loyalty, specifically through increased customer satisfaction. This could be considered a “low-cost” approach, as attracting a new customer is five to eight times more expensive than keeping an existing one.


We add value to companies through practical and creative solutions, though always keeping in mind the theory, as we believe in the combination of excellent theory with excellent business practices.
We support the top management by collecting, analyzing and presenting data and offer accurate and clear reports to be used as a basis for strategic decisions.

  • Research and Benchmarking
  • Customer Experience Optimization
  • Business Intelligence

Research and Benchmarking

Research is primarily aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of the relationships between different factors in a given process.
Data constitute the basis of GRS research activity. In a world where strategic vision and competitive advantage against competitors are key for any company, data, numbers and information provide a solid basis to build any business.
Furthermore, companies are increasingly aware that they need to compare their performances with their competitors if they want to improve. Through the Benchmarking system, companies are able to compare their results with the best players in the industry and, mostly, learn useful lessons to improve their performance.
GRS plans research and benchmarking visits in Europe and other countries, supporting companies in comparing their performance with competitors, with the following objectives:

  • identify weaknesses and strengths;
  • determine their position in the market;
  • create an atmosphere of appetite for competition and improvement;
  • identify the best practices within the industry and in other sectors.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Survey allows collecting information on customer perceptions and expectations towards a company’s service/product.
GRS communicates with customers through interviews that can be conducted in three different ways: by telephone (CATI), face-to-face (CAPI), or online through the specific tool Explori (CAWI). The questionnaire is always tailored to the company needs, starting from a number of standard questions based on our experience.
Thanks to the Customer Satisfaction Analysis, companies get to know customer perceptions, preferences or problems and, therefore, are able to:

  • identify potential criticalities
  • assess the correctness of their strategic decisions
  • identify promoters and detractors
  • compare their performance with other competitors
  • encourage and motivate staff
  • verify the efficiency of the divisions/units within the company.

Business Intelligence

All companies and organizations collect data to obtain information, assessments and estimates on their own business environment and reference market (market and competitive scenario analysis).

GRS analyzes, studies and uses information collected through a business intelligence strategy to increase the competitive advantage of our customers.

These activities are carried out with a mix of different skills and knowledge, software and tools, including application logic methods and provisions directed to the “performance management” or aimed at elaborating estimates and forecasts, through statistical and analytical analysis.

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